Surgical, Dental, Podiatry and Veterinary instruments supplies.

We are quality surgical, dental and veterinary instruments suppliers based in Melbourne Australia.

Veterinary Instruments

At MediTools we are committed providing quality products and service to the Australian Veterinary industry. Our veterinary instruments include Surgery Instruments, Spay Kits, Farm Tools, Veterinary Obstetrics Equipment, Equine Dental Instruments, Farrier Tools, Animal Marking Tools, Otoscopes, and Emasculators.

Sourcing direct from the manufacturers, we will strive to provide quality instrument at competitive prices. 

Animal Catchers Birds Instruments Cat-Feline Instruments Cow-Bull Instruments
Animal Catchers
Birds Instruments
Cow/Bull Instruments
Dog Instruments Emasculators-Castration Entomology Instruments Equine Dental
Dog Instruments
Equine Dental
Farrier Instruments Instruments Kits Obstetrics Veterinary Orthopedics
Farrier Tools
Instruments Sets
Obstetrics Instruments
Orthopedic Instruments
Veterinary Otoscope - ENT Set Pets First Aid Kit Pig Instruments Veterinary Retractors
Otoscope - ENT Sets
Pet's First Aid Kit
Pig Instruments
Rodent Instruments Sheep Instruments Tag Applicators  
Rodent Instruments
Sheep Instruments
Tag Applicators

Surgical Instruments

Surgical instruments are used in healthcare facilities, medical centers, surgeries, and procedure rooms. We have a wide range of Surgical Instruments, Scissors, Forceps, Needle Holders, Retractors, Scalpel Handles, Forceps and Otoscopes.

MediTools Australia is offering high-quality instruments at competitive prices. We’re offering 10% seasonal discount on online orders.


Surgical Forceps Surgical Instruments Sets Hemostatic Forceps Needle Holders
Instruments Sets
Hemostatic Forceps
Needle Holders
Otoscope Sets     Scalpel Handles
Otoscope Sets



Podiatry Instruments

Podiatry is the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. Podiatry practitioners focus on many different specialty areas, including surgery, sports medicine, biomechanics, geriatrics, podiatry, orthopedics and primary care.

Our tools are used by podiatrists, podiatry and chiropody professionals. Our podiatry nail clippers are autoclavable and manufactured from surgical grade stainless steelHand sharpened and polished for lasting shine and durability.


Nail Nippers Double Action Nail Clippers Cuticle Nippers Foot Rasp
Nail Nippers Double Action
Nail Clippers
Cuticle Nippers
Foot Rasp
Nail Files Scalpel Handles Podiatry Scissors Needle Holders
Nail File
Scalpel Handles

  Needle Holders 
Surgical Forceps Hemostatic Forceps    

 Hemostatic Forceps