About Us

MediTools Pty Ltd (ABN: 88 436 634 289) is 100% Australian owned, operated and GST registered company. 

We believe the quality of instruments lies in the instruments themselves - not in their boxes. We find ribbons, frills and stamps do not add value to your health or wellbeing of your cat, dog or horse - you care as companions. When you decide not to compromise on care nor the costs, MediTools becomes your friend of thought. We produce high-quality medical instruments without costing you for boxes, ribbons or stamps. We stand for premium quality of materials and craftsmanship. We sell direct to customers to save you every middle cost you end up paying for nothing. We are quality medical instruments resource in Australia and ship directly to your door, Australia wide. Operating from meditools.com.au, we are your everyday medical instrument resource. Welcome to MediTools!

Our Mission
Delivering high-quality Vet, Dental and Medical instruments to Australians, without storage or middlemen costs.

Our Credo
We believe our first responsibility is to people who use our Instruments. In meeting their needs, everything we do must be of high quality. We are responsible to our employees and care our customers using every mean possible. 

Our History
MediTools was established in 2015 with the passion for growing and serving vets, dentists and medical professionals throughout Australia. 

Our Products
we're currently dealing in a wide range of

  • Veterinary Instruments
  • Manicure Instruments
  • Dental Instruments and
  • Surgical Instruments.

Customer Policy
Customer satisfaction is our prime motive of existence. Our growing customers base in Australia is evidence of our customer-first policies. 

Quality Policy
Our QA (Quality Assurance) Department checks the quality of every instrument before it is dispatched. This is to ensure highest standards are kept and every item we deliver is of high quality. 

We have put the most valued range of instruments on our website. If an article of your interest is missing or if you require any specific sizing or finish alteration, we will be glad to fulfill your requirements in the best way possible. 

MediTools Pty Ltd