Advanced Pig Castration Kit

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Advanced Pig Castration Kit

Castration is essential universal in pigs; only a few male pigs are chosen as potential breeder boars. One of the primary reasons is behavioral, with age, body size and sexual maturity boars tend to be more aggressive with pen mates and become more difficult to handle than barrows of similar age and weight. The other and perhaps most important reason is that meat from boars that are nearing sexual maturity (about 200 lbs. body weight) has high potential for an odor and flavor problem commonly called “boar taint.” that many consumers detect in cooked pork from intact males.

Most of the veterinarians acknowledges that castration helps control aggressive behavior in pigs and recommends that the procedure. Studies have also indicated that pigs castrated at 2 weeks of age displayed fewer indicators of pain than pigs castrated at 7 weeks of age.

MediTools Pigs Castration kit has all the tools to perform the Castration (De-ballification). All tools are made of surgical grade stainless steel used by professionals.

Kit Includes

  • Kelly Forceps 14cm Curved 02 Pcs
  • Adson Forceps 12cm 01 Pcs
  • Iris Scissors 11.5cm 01 Pcs
  • Scalpal Handle #4 01 Pcs
  • Scalpal Blades #22 04 Pcs
  • TC Olsen Hagar Needle Holder 16cm
  • Dressing Forceps 16cm 01 Pcs
  • Free Pouch

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