Basic Oral Surgery Kit

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Basic Oral Surgery Kit

Tooth extraction is a common dental procedure performed in most veterinary practices. MediTools 08 Instruments Basic Oral Surgery Kit is designed for Small Animals like Dog, Cat, Sheep, Goat and other small animals, Pack is compiled for professional basic oral surgery. Medical Tools's provides a full range of instruments for veterinary ophthalmic diagnostics, therapeutics and surgery. Vet Dentists use these instruments in oral treatment of small animals, zoological and wildlife species.  

All Tools are made from Surgical grade stainless steel and used by professionals. We also make custom design surgery kit to meet with specific needs.

Pack includes following instruments

  • Heidbrink Root Tip Elevator
  • Small Breed Forceps for Upper Incisors & Canines Fig. 137
  • Small Breed Forceps for Upper Molar Fig. 3
  • University of Minnesota Retractor
  • Molt Periosteal Elevators 16cm
  • Coupland Elevator 2.0mm
  • Coupland Elevator 2.5mm
  • Coupland Elevator 3.0mm
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