Calf Puller

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Calf Puller

Calving progresses at different rates for different cows. Mostly; the calf can be pulled by hand after correcting any abnormality of position. However, in some cases, a mechanical calf puller, or calving jack is required to pull the calf.

Once it is determined that a calf can be safely pulled; MediTools Calf Puller is an excellent tool when used appropriately. It provides an easy approach to difficult calving by creating a dual action zigzag motion.

Hercules Calf Puller has machine made deep-grooves. Its steel rod is nickel plated and has a strong PVC grip. The stand is powder coated for durability.

+ Usage

The Hercules calf puller provides an easy approach to difficult calving. The unit creates a dual action pull (zigzag motion).

  • Ratchet type jacks have 3 separate hooks.
  • Putting one chain on one side hook and another chain on the other side of the hook creates zig-zag motion.
  • Calf walks out with less strain to the calf.
  • The central hook can be used for head pulling or simultaneous pulling of both legs.
  • Pressure can be released by moving jacks backward.
  • Central rod is deeply grooved to prevent slipping.
  • Central Shaft can be dissembled from the center for easy storage.

+ Technical Specifications

  • Length: 168cm (66 inches).
  • Rod: Chrome plated steel.
  • Stand: Powder coated steel.

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