Dog Tail Cropping Emasculator Tools

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Dog Tail Cropping Emasculator Tools

Most veterinarians agree that the risk of tail injury is high in adult dogs; Docking is a necessary precaution to further harm. It does not affect the dog ability to do the daily activities also docking improves the health and welfare.

Medical Tools double action stainless steel tool is designed to cut the tail with minimal blood loss as blood vessels are crushed before they are being cut then it cuts It reduces trauma with minimal blood loss.

  • Dogs Tail Docking Tools
  • Blood loss is minimal because blood vessels are crushed before they are cut
  • Less Stress on the animal
  • Work Efficiency is high, have more work done in less time
  • Crushes the arteries before severing them cleanly and so minimizes risk of serious bleeding
  • The Emasculator also works well on larger tails


  1. Open handles.
  2. Place tail.
  3. Cut tail by bringing handles together.
  4. Open handles.
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