Ear Examination and Surgery Kit

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Ear Examination and Surgery Kit

The ear is an ideal place for recurrent infection. Floppy-eared animals have poor air circulation within the canal to begin with. Medical Tools Ear Surgery Kit is specially complied for the Surgeons to perform Ear Canal Surgery. Kit contains all necessary tools to perform Ear Canal Surgery; all tools are made of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel used by Professionals.

Kit Contains:-

  • Weitlaner Retractor 11.5cm
  • Weitlaner-Wullstein Retractor 13cm
  • Blumenthal Bone Rongeurs 15.5cm
  • Adson Forceps 12cm 1:2
  • Adson Forceps 12cm
  • Kelly Forceps 14cm Straight
  • Kelly Forceps 14cm Curved
  • Senn Retractors 17cm
  • Lempert Bone Curette 17.5cm
  • Olsen Hager Needle Holder TC 16cm
  • Mosquito Forceps 12.5cm Curved
  • Metzenbaum Scissors 18cm Curved
  • Scalpel Handle #3

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