Foot Rot Shears

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Foot Rot Shears

Foot Rot Shears Serrated, Sheep Hoof Trimming


Salient Features:
Heavy Pattern
Serrated Blades
Back Lock

Length: 24cm
Blade Length: 7cm
Blade Type: Sharp Plain Blades

Foot rot is a contagious disease that is detrimental to sheep. Sheep with foot rot can't move appropriately, they're on their knees gazing. It also affect productivity, performance even breeding. To prevent foot rot is the proper trimming. Season, weather, breed and color of pigment of hooves could be used to determine how frequently trim the foot.

Our heavy pattern shears are used to cut thick edges grown out and around. Rigid construction and sharp blades can cut thick edges easily. Available in both plain and serrated blades


SKU: VET-1421 WEIGHT: 550 gm
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