Lamb and Calves Marking Rings 2000

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Lamb and Calves Marking Rings 2000

The easiest and most common method of marking is to apply a rubber ring or band to the tail using an elastrator tool. Banding is a bloodless method of tail docking and castration. The band cuts off the blood supply and tail/testis fall off in 7 to 10 days. Elastrator is used as ring applicator.  Pack includes 2000 antiseptic rings (approx).

Common Uses:

  • Tail Banding
  • Castration (Testis Removal)


  • Lambs
  • Calves

Marking Ring Usage Instructions:

  1. Make sure ring is placed on all four prongs and positioned over the non-slip grooves.
  2. Expand the ring fully by squeezing the handles of applicator (elastrator) together.
  3. pull purse through the ring opening until ring is positioned at the base of purse, but not enclosing teats or skin.
  4. With both testicles in the purse, release pressure on the instrument completely.
  5. Slide hand up near the prongs and with a downward motion, release the instrument.
  6. Check both testicles are below the ring.
  7. No dressing is normally required, however if flies are anticipated, a repellent can be used.
  8. When tail docking ensure ring is placed between vertebrae.

Avoid use with petroleum based products.

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