Large Rodent Dental Kit

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Large Rodent Dental Kit

Rodents have continuously growing (erupting) teeth, it must be evaluated periodically to avoid any health issues.  Many Veterinarians often perform periodic clipping of the incisors, while another effective approach is to use a dental burr to trim the teeth. both the cheek teeth as well as the incisors.

Rodents with dental disease should be periodically evaluated by the family veterinarian.  The frequency required for professional care is based on the rabbit's oral and dental health.

Rodents only have one set of incisor teeth and rabbits have the "peg teeth" as the second set. Guinea pigs and chinchillas have continually growing and eruption incisors and cheek teeth as also occurs in the rabbit.  This dentition has been called elodont. While Hamsters, girbils, mice, rats and other small rodents have continually growing and erupting incisors; however, their cheek teeth are brachyodont.  They have a short crown and a well defined root. 

Oral and dental care for rabbits (rodents) requires specialized equipment, instrumentation, training, time and patience. Medical Tools Rodents Dental Kit contain all professional tools for dental care, all tools are surgical grade used by professionals.

Large Rodents Kit is designed for large rodents and rabbits

Kit includes

  • Cheek Dilators Small
  • Cheek Dilators Large
  • Heavy Mouth Gag
  • Tongue Depressor Large
  • Molars & Premolars Serrated Rasp
  • Friedman Bone Roungers 5.5"
  • Molars & Premolars Extracting Forceps
  • Molars & Premolars Cutting Forceps

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