Piglet Tooth Nipper

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Piglet Tooth Nipper

Piglets bite the sow (mother) in their fight to get hold of one of her teats. The pain caused by this disturbs the sow causing her to get up and prevents her young from feeding. The cuts to the sow's udder also allow germs to infect the udder. Piglets can also bite and injure other one in their fight to grasp the teat. This issue can be solved to a simple practice of clipping the teeth.

The piglet's teeth should be cut as soon as possible after its birth. The teeth can be cut when the pig is only 15 minutes old. The sow and her young should be separated for as short a time.

Medical Tools piglet tooth forceps can be used  to clip teeth. Our 5" heavy pattern tooth nipper cut tooth with ease. Printed handle provides easy gripping and control. Spring action makes working easy.


  • Hold the head and press the corner of the piglet's mouth so that the jaws open.
  • Place the clippers on either side of one pair of teeth making sure that the tongue is not in the way. Tilt the head so that the pieces of the teeth will fall out of the mouth.
  • Cut the teeth as close as possible to the gums.
  • Clean the clippers before using them on another piglet
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