Animal catch pole with lock, long rod, 81 inches long

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Animal catch pole with lock, long rod, 81 inches long

Buy animal catch pole; 81 Inches long, shipping anywhere in Australia.

Animal catch pole or “hog holders” for small and mid-sized animals is designed to catch hogs, dogs, foxes, kangaroos and other animals of similar size. The catching pole or animal snatcher with extra long handle is installed with a wire loop, release lock, non-slipping grip and instant release leaver. The animal catching pole offers comfortable and secure handling of wild animals including;

  • Dogs
  • Pigs
  • Sheep
  • Foxes
  • Animals of similar size


  • Total length (including wire loop): 81 inches approx
  • Rod length: 59 inches
  • Loop length: 43 inches
  • Comes with strong steel wire
  • Installed lock, animals cannot get free unless lock is released
  • Light weight easy to carry
  • And firm grip for control and comfortable handling.

Animal catch pole is also known by similar names including catching pole, animal restraint pole, animal catch and release, animal catcher rod, animal snatcher, wildlife catcher, animal grasper, animal handling pole and animal holder. Product category under "Wildlife Supplies" and animal "Animal Care Equipment & Services".

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