Sheep, Calves Marking Ring Applicator - Elastrator

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Sheep, Calves Marking Ring Applicator - Elastrator

Elastrator is used is used as ring applicator for Castration, it's a process of removal or destruction of the testicles. Band Castration is a modern, easy and bloodless method in calves, young goats, and lambs. Testicles are killed by obstructing the blood supply. Young calf can be castrated with rubber rings, Band cuts off blood supply to the testicles. A lack of blood supply kills the testicles. Any feeling of discomfort will quickly leave the animal as the parts become numb. In time, the scrotum and testicles fall from the body.

MediTools Elastrator with 2" opening is reliable tool for bloodless castrating

  • Calves
  • Young Goats
  • Sheep
  • Lambs
  • Cattle

The tools can also be used for docking and prolapse.

Band Castration is effective because

  • Modern, easy and bloodless
  • Less stress on the animal
  • Work Efficiency is high, have more work done in less time
  • No risk of serious bleeding

Ring Dimensions:

  • Outer Diameter: 13.80mm
  • Inner Diameter: 6.00mm
  • Thickness: 5.25mm

+ Castrating benefits by:

  • Stop the production of male hormones and semen
  • Prevent mating and reproduction
  • Produce docile cattle that are easier to handle
  • Decrease aggressiveness
  • Enhance on-farm safety
  • Decrease farm running cost
  • Provide quality meat products

+ Technique:

Use fresh elastic rings to avoid breakage and assure a tight fit.
The rings must be strong enough to cut off blood flow.
Pull both testicles into the scrotum.
Place the rubber band on the elastrator. Hold the elastrator with the prongs facing up. Close the handles to open the band.
With the calf standing and both testicles in the scrotum, stretch the ring open and slip the open band up over the scrotum. Release the band just above the top of the testicles (~0.5 cm), Check to be sure both testicles are still in the tip of the scrotum and that the ring is placed properly If not, cut the ring with scissors and start again.
Remove the elastrator from under the band.
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