Sterilization Cassette 10 Holds

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Sterilization Cassette 10 Holds

Sterilization Cassette 10 holds is a safe way to handle instruments; it securely retains instruments in a perforated housing.

Common Uses:

  • A Safer Way to Handle Instruments
  • Organized Procedure Kits Save Time
  • Simplify and Reduce Instruments Processing Time
  • Procedure times will be improved with a systematic approach
  • Eliminating the need to handle sharp instruments during the sterilization
  • Reduced risk of injury to staff
  • Protect instruments from premature dulling and failure
  • Reduce Procedure Time
  • Reduce Instrument Replacement Cost due to dull and broken Instruments.

Salient Features:

  • Japanese stainless steel Never Rusts
  • Easy to use

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